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One of the leading causes for delays when importing goods to Australia is incomplete or wrong customs documentation which leads to additional costs in storage and handling. Prompt and effective clearances of international shipments is critical to the success of any supply chain and we at Border Customs and Shipping provide the best brokerage services in the region.

We offer cost effective clearance and delivery of consignments to customers directly, or to third parties for distribution, where and when required to any port and inland location in Australia.

Our import and brokerage systems are fully integrated into our internal IT systems and brokerage services handled by our own licensed customs brokers located at our Company Headquarters at Transitainer in Melbourne - http://www.transitainervic.com.au

One telephone call is all that is needed and your shipment is processed with a minimum of fuss.

We will deal with the relevant government agencies on your behalf and will minimize the bureaucratic red tape allowing fast and efficient deliveries without delay.

We can arrange the necessary declarations for consignments through the Department of Agriculture (DOA formerly DAFF formerly AQIS), pay all fees and charges including fumigation and/or steam cleaning of consignments where required on your behalf.

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