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Our experienced team at Border Customs and Shipping appreciates the importance of remaining competitive and know that you always have an eye on the bottom line. We understand that local, interstate, warehousing and international freight services and costs are complex and confusing and we work hard to cut through hidden costs associated with the freight industry in Australia and abroad.

  • Are your rates, service and fees competitive? Are they in line with market prices?
  • Are you having to pass on additional and unexplained costs due to an insecure supply chain, quotes that leave out hidden costs, unnecessary storage fees, transport fees or other bottle necks that are adding cost to get your goods to market?
  • Have you considered freight audit to evaluate your supply chain effectiveness?

Border Customs and Shipping understands you may have existing relationships with other Suppliers from Domestic Trucking, 3PL Providers, and International Agencies through to Forwarders and Customs Brokers. As such, we have no interest in damaging such relationships, but simply put, we wish to ensure your current fees, rates and charges are reflective of true market prices for the region, commodity and services you are receiving.

Our audit services are designed to give you complete peace of mind by reviewing your procedures, services, modes of transport and suppliers and to evaluate if you are paying above or below the current market prices and receiving the best services vs. return vs. dollar spent available.

We can provide a detailed summary of our findings, advise and recommend accordingly:

  • Cost effectiveness of your current solution
  • Local availability of more cost effective and/or time efficient services, suppliers or methods (e.g. switching from traditional line haul services, to a rail or intermodal solution instead)
  • Potentially provide similar or alternative means of maintaining your supply chain (e.g. switching from one shipping line to another to improve transit time, routing delays or better quality of service)
  • Uncover redundancies or irrelevant charges and fees (e.g. double dipping by using multiple suppliers rather than a single “all-in-one” supplier)
  • Modernising your documentation processes and getting the most from technology improved processes
  • And much more

If you would like a consultant to contact you regarding an audit, please lodge an enquiry form or email info@bcsaust.com.au.

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